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  1. Thanks brother
  2. Did you find the answer? I have the same problem.
  3. How it looks when click on property.
  4. Images look large on the actual property page. The category view is awesome. Right now I tried to workaround it by removing the images completely from the "media" tab and then I created a table in the description and added the images and the property view looks really nice. The problem is now the category page has a grey thumbnail that says NO IMAGE. I already checked my server files permissions, I disabled, enabled, un installed and changed the jquery and jqueryUI settings. Nothing seems to work. I can tell it is a conflict perhaps jQuery but I am not that blessed in my coding ability to find the root. Hopefully someone has a better understanding of this issue. The images look too big and they are stacked, I cannot see the carousel. The thumbnails are at the bottom but the images are huge and not in carousel mode.