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  1. I solved the problem by isabling and uninstalling the plugin System - Admin Forever which seems to be creating the conflict. hope it helps
  2. I am encountering the same proble and get the same error message. I flushed the cache and even tried with additional cache plugin = useless. Could someone pls hlp?
  3. dear friends, I am encountering the same problem and the module gives " Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system " when I try to login. Could someone please help? [confidential] testing login with: prova/prova [/confidential] let me know if you need anything else
  4. interesting request.... solution anyone?
  5. no, floatin_1 is public and floating_2 is for registered users but registered users see also floating_1 only... it does not change to floating_2
  6. I have a similar issue (public + registered modules) but can see only 1 (public) made recent post query
  7. I have a similar issue (public + registered modules) but can see only 1 (public)
  8. first of all, thank you for the free module. I installed and made two versions: 1 assigned to public users 1 assigned to registered users both with different images now, when a registered user logs in, only the module assigned topublic is showing also. Am I doing something wrong? it seems as if I can only have 1 floating module per site.
  9. I apologize for not being clear: 1. Yes, I would like the slider to show up in the content area, where the articles are shown, linked to a menu item. When I create a menu, Is this possible? I tried AnywhereModule but it still shows where I positioned it... and if I don't set a position, it will not show. 2. Images align OK: it is the text that ignores any alignment or paragraph formatting into which it has been created in the articles. If you wish, I can give you access to the site for you to check. just send access request by email to me. Thank you very much and my best regards.
  10. I installed the module and placed it in the Copyright position", at the end of the page... it is howing up there alright (outside the page boundaries), but which position should I assign to it in order to make it appear where the "article" normally is? Thank you for any help on the subject. rgds
  11. I installed the component and managed to get it working by assigning it to a module position just above the content area, after assigning it to a menu voice of the main menu. When I click on any item, thoug, it opens the arcicle just below that position. I would like this component bo be shown ONLY in the content area and tthe content should open as an article but cannot figure out how. Furthermore, is there a way to manage alignment inside the shown articles? it seems that the component does not respect the article settings... Other than that, it looks nice and useful. Any help please? :blink: Thank you in advance.