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  1. Hi, I made it but the page remain white :(
  2. Hi, when I open extra field schedule in all my portfolios, the schedule is a white page. What I can do? thanks Chiara
  3. Thank you so much!! I choosed a beautilful green color! Now is better! :D Chiara
  4. hello, I use bt contentshowcase modules with bt metro template . I would like to change color titles of all modules because it is too dark. Can you see my problem on the site (title is for example: 1° Percorso di Approfondimento ...) thank Chiara
  5. Hi, I created some portfolios (media slideshow). Now in their pages I would like to insert a bt content showcase module (accordion menu) in the right-sidebar or left-sidebar position. I tried but is a problem because when form is displayed disappears video and foto of the portfolio. Can you help me? Thanks Chiara
  6. Hi, I update to version 3.0.6 portfolio. I have a problem with uploading images and media in the portfolio. Until a few days ago everything worked. Now it would seem that the save button does not work and therefore everything is locked as it is. I'll explain: loaded file appears as thumb in media tab but when I click on the save button appears a white screen and I cannot continue. If I go back and/or reopen all, uploaded files no longer appear. The same thing happens for the deletion of files. Chiara
  7. Hi, now it works perfectly! Thank you very much! Chiara
  8. Hi, I'll try to look media gallery but I tried to set mediaslideshow with youtube link. It works but the video size is not correct: it's small! I cannot find information about this in portfolio manual. How can I do? Also there is a problem with layout of thumbnail: position and title. I would like only thumb in orizzontal position without title. You can see problems at the same link in my previous post Thanks in advance Chiara
  9. Hi, the demo is exactly what I need, but in my site portfolio works differently and I don't know how to set it. You can see an example here:
  10. Hi, I would like that when turn photo and videos in portfolio page (bt_foto - slideshow skitter), video starts autoplay, then at the end, continues tu turn photos and videos uploaded. I also wish videos starts in the same position without appear in new page or resized when playing. Is it possible? Chiara
  11. Hi, I solved problem in this way: I cancelled all file and installing joomla 3.1.5 and BT metro template with extentions (not quickstart package!) Now all is ok! Thanks! :) Chiara
  12. __ -
  13. Hi, I installed quick start package with success. But now I have a problem: all link in home pages are off! Is not possible click on login, register and no appear title and link to article. There are only images. Only links menu in topnav position are ok. Why? May be I have disable something?