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  1. Good afternoon. I installed the BT slider module in a third party template. I loved the module, it's all I need, but it gave the template a problem. After the module is installed the error Call to a member function read () on boolean appears - in all attempts to insert images into articles, modules or any other part. Can you help me? I'd really like to use your module. I have many categories and he recognizes the content of each one is spectacular! I look forward to a return and thank you in advance, Marcia PS: I use Joomla 3.9.2 and PHP 7.1
  2. Good night, Sorry, but the code not work. Please check in or other article in blog cat ville or blog dog ville. The font not increase. Thanks.
  3. When entering 2 codes the same for different colors in custom.css, only the red color appears around the site. The blue button does not work. By disabling the LESS the template configuration, the red color in the area of cats, simply disappears the colors of megamenu. How to solve this? Thanks You.
  4. It did not work. Place the 2 tags equal in custom.css did all buttons take the last color. That is, they were all red with black hover. And the blue buttons do not appear. Thanks.
  5. The Question 1 do not think you understand ... It appears. But is not working. I click the + icon, but it does not increase the font. Thanks You.
  6. To which email sending login? But I can not post here in the forum ... Thanks You.
  7. Thank you, but I am in doubt: How will I put two codes equal to the blue and the red in the same css and it will recognize? Its you send me this little code to top of page I insert the template? Thanks You.
  8. Hi, I use 2 color templates in the same site and am having trouble editing the css. General Site - - DEFAULT template (but I did a copy and blue flame) Area of ​​Cats - - template RED I want to modify, for example, the buttons - read more - in two colors. (Attached) How do I do that? Why do not you use css separated by style and I can not find where I modify it. For example, in the css button is - a.k2ReadMore and a.k2ReadMore: hover, but I can not use these tags directly in custom.css for ALL would modify the buttons and I want in the area that use the default template with a color and in the area that use the red template has another color. Actually, I need to do this with various parts of the site and not just the button. For example, in the top bar of the site, where it appears the address. (Attached) How do I do that? Where can I get TOP PAGE plugin that takes several templates, but do not have the MEDICAL? (Attached) How do I change the css shortcodes? Need to increase the circle around the numbers. I downloaded the PDF shortcodes, but to the folder that you send copy, now is the other way and even causing the current folder, it did not work! Where can I edit it? Thanks & Regards. Ps: I have other tickets open and need urgent return, for I am remaking the customer whole site because I had problems with a template for a competitor of yours. Please help me because I'm super late with the delivery of the site. Thank very much!
  9. Good morning, I have a problem with the Google Recaptcha: 1 - The Captcha is working in Opera on the Contact page and comments K2 - but does not work on the Contact page in Explorer. 2 - How do I enter the Recaptcha the login and registration? I enabled the module but is not working. In BT Social Login module there is no Recaptcha and put the Global option does not work, because if I enable recaptcha in joomla global configuration, the K2 recaptcha do not work. How to solve this? 3 - I enabled to use K2's account, but the create account not appear recaptcha. Thanks & Regards.
  10. Thanks. The li work correct now. 1 - How do I get the fonts increase in k2, as it is enabled, displays the icon to increase, but does not work! (attachment) 2 - Because the font is so different in browsers? In Opera they appear very small, although the size is set to 14px in css and Explorer is displayed correctly. (attachment) 3 - How do I disable LESS? Thanks.
  12. Good day. Where I shot the megamenu icon in the modules? Where do I change the css K2 content module? Because I want the icon to appear in categories but do not want to appear in the module (attached to megamenu image). Thanks You