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  1. Perfect! Thanks ever so much for your help! :)
  2. Please check your messages
  3. Oh great it works now. How did you do it, for future reference? The problem Ive got now which I'm sure you've seen before is when I log in I get this message: 'Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system'
  4. Try again now pls
  5. details sent to you by pm
  6. Hi, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I replaced those 3 files in the following folders: modules/mod_bt_login/tmpl/css ../.../js style2.0.css default.js jquery.simplemodal.js but its still the same problem. This time even when I set JQuery to 'Yes' in BT Login module it doesn't work unlike before. I have tested it with cleared cache, both on the browser and backend but still not working. Any suggestions?
  7. Here is the forum I posted for help for the slideshow and their response, if you're interested?:
  8. I have tested it with JCH disabled. In this setting, the slideshow works but not the login. I will leave it disabled for you to test. Thanks!
  9. Both modules are now published. If I set the Jquery to No or Auto, the BT Login pop-up doesn't work when I click on 'Member Login' (far right on main menu). If I set it to Jquery to Yes, the pop-up login works but the main slideshow banner doesnt work. Now I've set it to Auto so the login doesn't work but the Slideshow works as normal. Website link: Many thanks for you help!
  10. OK just one more thing. I noticed that this module is causing a jQuery issue with my Slidewhow module. I know I'm annoying but please bear with me as I'm sure your expertise could help save me. If I set the Load jQuery to 'Yes' it works but my slideshow module breaks. If I set it to NO or auto, BT Login doesn't work but slideshow works. I was told that the BT Login module loads an old version of jQuery which is why it doesnt work? How can I get them both to work peacefully?!
  11. Thats perfect! Thanks alot for your help! :)
  12. Ok you're right I don;t know why but it used to work in the published position of 'Feature a' and the login button was hidden behind the main scrolling banner but now its not working. So I change the position to another and the 'Member Login' button works but I can't seem to hide the default login button? Where/How can I hide this button?
  13. Yes that is already set to '.item201' in the Login Tags field
  14. I am using Joomla v3.3.6 and BT login v2.6.0. I can't seem to get it to work. I'm using it on the Joomla menu (see far right 'MEMBER LOGIN' button). When I click on this button nothing happens. Please help?! The website is Thanks in advance.
  15. Or how can I position the 'Hi <User>' and Logout dropdwon box where I want it?