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  1. Thank you again Tam.
  2. Thanks Tam. You're a big help. May I ask you another thing please. I swapped the modules in position 1 with position 5 and position 2 with position 6. But their widths are different. I have been looking at the code but can't find where to change it. Could you please point out to me where i can do this? Thank you very much for your assistance.
  3. I've sorted this our Tam Pham. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Would appreciate help in attaching animation to BT shortcode in position2. Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot for this Tam. Can i increase height of the bottom bar (social plugins, search etc.). How can i change the color of the bars? I managed to change some of it but can't change the color of the bar where the menu is. Appreciate your help.
  7. Hi Tam. Thank you for all your replies. Please see image below, there is no sidebar 2 defined in the position, only sidebar-1
  8. Hello. Somehow setting position to sidebar 2 does not take effect. It looks like the position is not defined in the template. Please help. Thank you.
  9. Hello. Please refer to image attached, i cannot seem to find the position for the one circled in black. I have unpublished all modules, but that has remained. Kindly help.
  10. Hello. Would it be possible to put the logo/menu on top and the social icons/search/contact info underneath? Thank you.
  11. Hi guys. Just finding my way around the template. Can anyone please let me know if it's possible to change the icons in the About Us link. Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi. How do I add a link to the more info button on the About Us. THank you.
  13. Hi tronghm, THank you for your help. I was able to sort it out. The 777 permission did not cascade to the other folder. There was one image subfolder in the temp that did not have the 777 persmission. THank you again for your time.
  14. Hi tronghm, THanks for your reply. capacity is ok. permissions also 777 I use joomla folder. I am attaching image, maybe it can help define problem. THank you.
  15. Hi, I am also experiencing the same problem (files cannot be saved) and not having any luck so far. Locally it was working fine - but after transferring to the server i got the error. I updated my ajax - but still get the same problem. Would greatly appreciate any help. THank you.