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  1. Solution is found. :D Strong password was not enabled in the plugin user-Jumla After set on, registration began working :D In my case native Joomla registration works only if strong password enabled... Thanks to everyone that wanted to help.
  2. No unfortunately it is not the password string in password field but only a temporary value for activation. After entering the same password from the users management admin panel in the password field appears this line: a49de8f0f2c5e97684dde9047a108fe0:ximqUAe9zSm0qahqH8KeHHY7fPS9b29D This is for my understanding - Joomla password with md5:salt. After this login to site has become possible. Link to site has been sent to your PM
  3. Problem when registering a new user. When registering a new user after his self-activation - error "username and password are not found or you have not activated" In DB table ..._users after registration: username - user3 password - 7c08d80df8bf1fa5e0ea5da341613db7 activation - a3be02073721777b2abcca98bd313308 after activation: username - user3 password - 7c08d80df8bf1fa5e0ea5da341613db7 activation - empty As I understand - the password is not generated. If in admin panel of the site re-create the password, the password is created correctly and login valid. Joomla version 3.2. BT login version 2.5.6 Please tell me - what could be the problem