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  1. How to change this yellow part that is in the logo on the new version?, What is the size of BT Background SlideShow that we should upload?
  2. I do not how to do it! , any other help?
  3. What size do I have to upload in the BT Background SlideShow in order to see all the picture so that I am seeing the half of the picture not the complete picture, also is "Auto" configured
  4. Hello! I have this travel template since yesterday for jooml 3.0 I can not find the h1.logoround on the ..\templates\bt_travel\themes\"your profile color"\css\template.css I want to change the background color of the orange template, but I can see the changes! I have change this one for a while bacgroud, but it still not working .logo-image a { background-color: #FFFFFF;