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  1. Yes. Exactly. How can I upload screenshots here? I didn't find the button for this. Thank you. Best regards, Tom
  2. Dear Support, I am using your BT Background Slideshow and there are several problems that we are experiencing: 1) when images get replaced in the folder or new images are being added, then after clicking "Get images" button it says: "no images found". You have to click "Save" and only after that the images get found 2) after copying the BT Background Slideshow Module the images in the module which was copied are not there any more. Clicking "Get images" also says "no images found". Only after clicking "Save" the images are found, sometimes u have to click "Save" several times till it works. These are quite considerable problems when it comes to explaining end users how to edit content in backend. That's why: could you please solve them and explain why it happens? Thank you! Best regards, Tom