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  1. I checked the database and the tables of the "Districts" are correct , with the id of "parent city" . So I think the error should be in the filter module. I look forward to your help!
  2. Error saving district in "location". Select "parent city" does not save After you click save, it does not select the parent "city". district NOT write "parent city" after save The district field is not loaded into the filter module Filter module version 1.3 Any solution? Thank you!
  3. Hello! I like your real estate solution. I have some doubts: 1 - Can I activate the search modules in Joomla content pages and k2? (This is very important for me) 2 - It is possible to use the "Advanced Search" of the filter module "default" just like the ZONER Template? 3 - I do not want to use the agents, just like to use the name of my company in the contact forms, you can delete the agents? 4 - I do not need customer login, the site will only be accessed by a single administrator. You can disable entries and user references on the site? Sorry the lot of questions. Thank you very much!