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  1. thank you my problem is fixed
  2. irene thanks for the reply thats not a big problem because if i could find my problems in the forum i would have helped my self tell me what to do if i read all your posts you ask for the user credential i havent seen a single post that helps in how you gonna fix the bt slideshow pro i looked all your forums i was helpless and the worst scenario is i cant upload images that is what made me sad at the first time but thanks now that you are back again i appreciate anyway hope you enjoyed your weekends
  3. I never got dissapointed because i never thought am gonna be treated like this i bought bt corporate installed correctly my clients are waiting for me but when it comes time to change the image sliders them i cant i wished the whole theme was not functioning than to get dissapointed when my client found that i cant change the image it is been almost two days now i send ticket support with my username and password because i saw some of the forums they ask for user and password i wrote forum for the bt corporate but bad luck there is no one who is helping no one is even trying to help i feel like i lost my money but no problem i learnt a lesson