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  1. Hello! Is anybody here?
  2. Hello! If I use following settings: Then when I try to log in not from Main page I get an error: Invalid token! Please refresh again! If then I go to any page or go back I see I've authorized already. Tell me please why is this happen? If I log in from the Main page there is no error.
  3. Hi Tam, thank you! I'll try to do this on my site today.
  4. I think we need to ask Tam for this... May be we need to update Social Login module also. Tam could you tell how to move these changes from this test site to my current site? P.S. I see changes in different files and can repeat them in my current site but if I need to update Social Login module, how could I do this?
  5. Hi Tam, thanks! There is strange artifacts, look at this image. I've tried to clear cache and reload page with contact form a few times without reading from cache, it hasn't solved the problem. I'll be waiting, thanks!
  6. Hi! At now it's available too.
  7. Hi Tam, it's my mistake, at now the site is available, please check it. Can you try direct links at first and if it will not be available try via proxy, e.g.
  8. Hi Tam, I've sent account credentials to, the site will be available at Monday.
  9. Hi! I have a trouble with displaying captcha in contact form and in Joomla registration form - there is no captcha at all. But it is in JoomShopping registration form, password reset form, login remind form and in popup registration window (when you click Register in upper right corner - goto to main page and click Register). How can I make captcha visible in contact form and in Joomla registration form? Thanks!
  10. I've sent account details to mail support, check it.
  11. There are troubles with the support on the site so I write to the forum. I found a bug which is manifested in the following: the product is displayed incorrectly in Google Chrome if there is only one product in the category. If there is more than one product in the category - all is OK. What must I do to resolve this issue?