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  1. On BT REAL ESTATE each menu item (link to article) place at the head of a section icon and the title of the menu. Can do we remove this "content title" (see attached image) [There is an item -Page content title By Hoggo, January 13 - on the forum for this question but the link gives an error (EX0)]
  2. Hi, I added icons in megamenu and they show up in the preview. They don't show up on the frontend site. Can you help me ? (one more time !) Best regards (I send you at link for my site and account administrator)
  3. Thank you for everything! Now everything works. Perhaps it is the cache now correct ...
  4. Thank you for your answers. Hi, When I edit an article or image the error appears in this module. I think the problem is with my webhost ... No problem in FrontEnd.
  5. Very nice to have a quick response from an editor. Thank you ! I did it and it works. But every time I change a BT-showcasecontent element there is the same error. Problem only in the backend. The site is hosted by which has a special policy for permissions (https://www.infomani...upport/faq/1910). I have a solution with the following file (removed) to the root of the site. 1) On backend. Edit an item belonging to BT-showcasecontent. 2) Save all. Open Frontend: error! 3) Open the file: www.YOURSITE.COM/fix.php 4) Open the Frontend: it works!
  6. Hello, I see on BT-property and on mod_property_ showcase a effect on picture (the picture turn a little when mouse hover) Can we have the same effect on BT-content_showcase (Template BT_real_estate) ? Thank you
  7. I use bt_real_estate_quickstart_j!3.x_v2.0 an i have this error ; Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open '/home/......................./web/xert5/cache/mod_bt_contentshowcase/ac0073919c58c19b095d08ab925fe084-5d17b8c3b8f35916f7023542fae60425.jpeg' for writing: Permission denied in/home/......web/xert5/modules/mod_bt_contentshowcase/classes/images.php on line 140 What can i do ? all my cache are in "777"
  8. Hello, I have the same probleme (well, almost... and I don't use K2) Can you help me? thank you in advance for your reply. (bt_real_estate) ******************************************************** It works now !! It was a css problem. I handed over the original css server