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  1. Yes you are right, Kien. In fact I found that Kunena believes this is the "right" way to have the breadcrumbs links LOL!!! A lot of people complaining about it. I think I may have found solution and will share for the benefit of others if it works.
  2. Hi Kien, were you able to fix these issues? I don't think these are custom work issues. This is what mobile looks like on the demo installation as well. Unless you guys meant for it to look like this?
  3. Thank you Kien, I understand what you mean about these should be custom job that I need to pay extra for (I assume that is what you were inferring). And for your help with it, I really appreciate it. Thanks again.
  4. I just noticed something - the doubled up BT Tab on the JomSocial front page only shows doubled up if the login module is inactive (i.e., the user is logged in). The front page for a guest user (i.e., the login module is active) shows only one BT Tab module as it should be. So perhaps a conflict with the JomSocial login module?
  5. Kien, actually I'm seeing an issue with the background slideshow. It is indeed showing the full version on the JomSocial front page ... but it is still showing the full version on any other JomSocial page. I was hoping to have the small version on any other page within JomSocial (for example, profile, groups, events, etc.) I can confirm that the JomSocial toolbar tab in Menu Assignment is all unchecked. The only assignment checked is JomSocial under the Main Menu tab. I also took a stab at moving the news module (BT Tab) from the homepage to the JomSocial frontpage. Steps were: 1) Replaced frontpage.index.php and toolbar.index.php in the bowthemes director of components. 2) In the Module Manager, I opened the BT Tab module 3) I set the Position to module_include; note that this position was not in the list of selectable positions 4) In Menu Assignment, I set the Module Assignment to Only on the pages selecetd and selected JomSocial under Main Menu; again I can confirm that JomSocial toolbar tab in Menu Assignment is all unchecked The issue I am running into here is that BT Tab shows up twice on the JomSocial frontpage stacked right on top of each other. Another issue the same as with the background slideshow. It is showing up on all JomSocial pages not just the frontpage. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you Kien!!!! I was able to move the big slideshow to the JomSocial front page. I am posting these step by step instructions as much for the benefit of others as for my own future reference. Please let me know if I've done anything improper. I know sometimes it only looks like the modification worked but there might be something wrong ... a) I replaced the default-content-left.php file in bt_travel\tps with the one you provided. After doing so I noticed all pages now had the small slideshow. b.) I went into module BT Background SlideShow which appears to be the big slideshow. The position is confirmed as background-slideshow-home. c) Scrolling down to the Menu Assignment section, I noticed the Module Assignment was set to On All Pages. I set it to Only on the pages selected and clicked on JomSocial in the Main Menu tab. d) Now to module Background slideshow content which appears to be the small slideshow. The position is confirmed as background-slideshow. e) Back to the Menu Assignment section, again the Module Assignment was set to On All Pages. I set it to Open only on the pages selected and deselected JomSocial in the Main Menu tab. Done. [Was hoping to post screenshots but didn't have enough room even tried doing 2 separate posts] Kien, out of curiosity, what changes were in that default-content-left.php file? Also, would I need to repeat this process if i were to upgrade my JomSocial installation? Will be tackling the second modification next. Thanks again so much for your help.
  7. You mat be looking at the main menu forum link. I'm referring to the breadcrumbs Forum link. If that is clicked, the user is taken to the Recent Topics view rather than the forum index.
  8. It occurred to me taht this really should be a support issue so I hava submitted a ticket.
  9. The Kunena template offers no link to the Forum Index. This is because the Recent Topics view is the default Forum view. Although existing recent topics will have links to their respective forums, it's only for those those forums. It becaomes particularly problematic when there are no recent topics within the timeframe specified. The user is locked into the Recent Topics view. I've been able to change this by re-assigning the Main Menu's Forum item to the forum index. However, the Kunena breadcrumbs "Forum" link still directs to the Recent Topics. I'd like this to direct to the forum index as well. However, I can't find where to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The Mobile layout for JomSocial and Kunena needs some work. The following screenshots were taken on a Galaxy S4 and appear consistent with online mobile emulators. You may test this using user account "Test User" password "qwerty" at 1) Everything is flush right. There appears to be decent margin to the left, top and bottom however zero margin on the right. You can see this in the screenshots that follow. 2) JomSocial Status Update Events icon bleeds over As seen in this screenshot, the Events icon for status update bleeds into the next line. Any suggestions on how to fix this? 3) JomSocial Events creation boxes bleed out of screen. As seen in this screenshot, the input boxes do not resize and appear to bleed out of the screen. 4) Kunena forum posts don't appear to be resizing at all. As seen in this screenshot, the left-side profile takes up much of the layout and only a portion of the actual post is shown. The buttons at the bottom of the post suggest it is adapting to mobile but are bunched up to the left side. I've looked at the Layout tab in the BT Travel template extension and I can see how elements can be resized. However I don't know if this will simply bunch up content or properly resize or remove elements. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. [edit] I'm using Joomla 2.5.9; JomSocial; Kunena 3.0.0 and BT Travel 2.1.
  11. Thanks Kien!! That Firebug addon is a MUST!! I was able to find the necessary css changes. For future reference, on the current version, it is in the corresponding theme folder css in template.php. I'm also impressed by the adaptive layout that moves menu items over as I increase the size of the logo.
  12. Thank you very much. I will report back once I've gotten this to work.
  13. Yes and it appears each theme color has far more specific images than I expected. Will be sticking with the colors offered.
  14. I tried this replacing: .logo-image a{ width:100%; } with: .logo-image a{ width:250px; height:75px; } Also tried leaving both in in style_bt.css. Cleared cache and saw no change to logo size. This is the bt_travel_logo.png. Also how can I change the background color for that logo image for v2.1? Thanks.
  15. Would it be very involved to define a custom theme color? Is the color defined at a single point or in the db in hex or rgb? Thanks.