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  1. Kien, Thank you for the great support, everything was solved!!!
  2. Thak you, Kien!!
  3. Hello Kien!! Sorry, I did not find the folder to replace, can you give me a hint?
  4. First, congratulations for the beautiful template. I installed my language (Portuguese), but when you choose it as the default, the following error occurs: 0 - DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (11 Julho 2013) at position 6 (h): The timezone could not be found in the database I also installed the Community Builder as needed to create specific fields for people to register. When people go to register, appears fields created in Community Buider. But when people want to change your listing, appear in the fields of Social Loggin. Is there any way to show the fields of the CB, without having to uninstall the module Social Loggin? The site is on localhost for now ... Thank you