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  1. I the tiles layout for the gallery module you have tiles and default. Tiles opens the home on click in a new page like you selected from the portfolio itself and not a gallery module. The Default layout for the gallery module opens the portfolio item in an IFRAME and when you do that from the home page its all screwed up because it opens with the slideshow layout from the home page instead of the header and menu area the other pages use. Plus IFRAME sucks from SEO. How can I setup a Gallery Layout like DEFAULT but have it open a real URL link like the TILES layout does? If I change grid3d.js to use index instead of component the page gets everything but the menu is shown two on top of each other. If I use the component.php as its delivered the home slideshow is under the top menu. Using BT CONSTRUCTION.
  2. Saw another post where you have to add the column media_type with ALTER. That was from August and last update to your extension is July. So you might want to fix what you send as the install. Thanks.
  3. I downloaded it separately. Thanks.
  4. When I install the upgrade 3.1.0 I get this. Had the BT Construction Quick Start installed to start. Warning Duplicate column name 'alias' SQL=alter table fgz25_bt_portfolios ADD COLUMN alias VARCHAR(255) after title; Error Error installing component
  5. got it under the extension as a separate download
  6. Where is the BT Portfolio Filter? It says its included in the BT Portfolio. I have BT Construction Template and it was not there. No way to create a module. Installed the latest extension of BT portfolio and still no there even though it says its included.
  7. Where is the BT Portfolio Filter? It is supposed to be included. I reinstalled the BT Portfolio - got some errors and - still no filter option. BT Property has the filter type I want.
  8. Your demo link for this extension does not work.
  9. How can I make the all other page slideshow also show on the home page? I don't want the home page slideshow that large. How does the home page know to show the big slideshow in the template? The smaller slideshow is on ALL pages but does not show on home page. So, is top-content1 not defined on the home page? It is using the default template layout. Thanks.