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  1. just show this ..
  2. after i overwrite bt_media.php to components/com_bt_media/helpers/ and copy "asset" folder to components/com_bt_media , the http authentication not show anymore, but the image is not show too... if i click the image,the site say "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later."
  3. im sorry, where is the attachment?
  4. i use password to secure my administration page, using tools from "admin-tools" extensions, if i activate this, and then i open my galleri page, i must input password same like i want to go to administrator page...
  5. thank you so much... :)
  6. solved!! thank you :D
  7. hi, i found bug in front end of your component.. if i activated http authentication (.htaccess and .htpasswd) in my administrator area, the page show your component in front end get the authentication too.. please fix it please, thanks
  8. i got bad paging view when i use default theme help me.. thanks
  9. if i use modern theme, my menu can not work properly (cant open child menu), and i can not click "load more item" i think the jquery is in conflict with my template, or anything, i don know help me.. thanks
  10. i got error when i taging item media.. Error Save failed with the following error: SQL=UPDATE `XXX_bt_media_items` SET `name`='Photos',`image_path`='97816633037c583f062ae78aca.jpg',`video_path`='',`cate_id`='1',`ordering`='11',`state`='1',`checked_out`='120',`checked_out_time`='2013-08-24 00:15:29',`created_by`='12',`source_of_media`='Upload from local',`media_type`='image',`alias`='photos',`description`=' Photos Demo ',`hits`='1',`vote_sum`='0',`vote_count`='0',`created_date`='2013-08-23 21:54:03',`language`='*',`access`='1',`featured`='0',`params`='{\"page_title\":\"\",\"metakey\":\"\",\"metadesc\":\"\",\"robots\":\"\",\"show_name\":\"\",\"show_description\":\"\",\"show_category\":\"\",\"show_created_by\":\"\",\"show_hits\":\"\",\"show_tags\":\"\"}',`newTags`='alam' WHERE `id`='11' can you help me? thanks
  11. i need option to change user who created the media and option to create user alias in category and image..please... thanks :)