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  1. Hello, I contacted the OVH support for asking how to increase the size of the memory. I think I can do it through the htaccess file, but I'll wait for their response. Thank you. cordially Patrick
  2. Hi, Thank you for your help. I set "Error Report" to maximum. Here is the line of code the error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 106364718 bytes) in /homez.640/cotedamod/www/plugins/system/modulesanywhere/helper.php on line 468 Does it come from the fact that I use the plugin "Anywhere" to insert the "Tabs" module in the article K2? This plugin works fine to insert additional modules that TB Tabs in K2 items. Here is the line of code that I found online / homez.640/cotedamod/www/plugins/system/modulesanywhere/helper.php on line 468: $ string = str_replace ($ match ['0 '], $ html, $ string); unset ($ match); return 1; Patrick
  3. Hello, I just installed BT Tabs on Joomla 3.2 and have big problems. The tabs do not appear in the Joomla articles or K2, the page becomes white. The "Insert tab" button is present, the code is displayed correctly but then the page is blank when I click on the menu link to open the article. I said that it works if I use it as a module position in the template. The insertion module in an article yet works because I use it for another application (form). Thank you for your help. Patrick
  4. Hello, I just installed BT TABS Joomla 3.2. I do not understand how to put tabs from the module. Is there a video or documentation on the implementation of tabs in K2 items? Thank you in advance for your help. Patrick PS: Sorry if English is not very correct. I use Google translation because I do not speak English.