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  1. Hello, in the Facebook App 2.3, there is a problem with publish_stream and offline_access, when logging in, register, publishing, even in the Facebook groups and pages read! If one removes this, the registration and login working again, and read the by Groups and Facebook pages, but not publishing, but if allowed to remain in the code, that does nothing. publish_stream and offline_access Add directly into the Facebook app, is not because it is not available for selection. [EDIT] The Error Messages
  2. Hello, the Facebook app, has been changed with us, to version 2. *, now publishing in Facebook Groups, profile and Page does not work anymore, this only applies to Facebook, all others work fine, well LinkedIn not wishing since early May, the you, own app creates for each use, ie, publishing = 1 app, Login / Register = 1 app! Hope here soon the changes for the new FB app version comes, Linked In is not that important to me, I can also turn off, but FB I need dringends. Stay Metal
  3. Hello, the problem is not resolved, but the BT Property component was provisionally installed, the error is not currently displayed. BT Property, is of but not required, we are a metal -Radio and magazine with attached metal community and no hotel or accommodation service :D! The message I sent, does not deal with this problem but, of which I wanted to change my e-mail address, the system but my Current As already marked, no matter what I used on my e-mail addresses, always was it already exists.
  4. The Login with existing account data via the popup (modal & DroupDown) function at a login Not where at if you use the module with the default settings as normal module Login with existing account data works fine. (s. Screenshort) Standard login works fine (https://metal-fm.com/login.html) In the pop-up works only Login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn! I suspect that there are between jquery.min.js from the module and with the already integrated Joomla jquery problems. Thank you for the help and resolve the problemes!
  5. Hello, because our profile pages for privacy reasons zugränglich Only registered users which can be viewed even by visitors. The actual profile is currently still on Community Builder 2.0.7, are in the User menu item called a Social Connect (BT Social Connet profile) with the logged in users profile with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin can connect because it therefor yes is no plugin for CB 2.0.7. The above error message appears when you fill out their profile via Social Connect and then stores this. see on screen Short outlined in red. The above Facebook link belongs to the article: https://metal-fm.com...-tourstart.html. Each item on Metal-FM.com is published directly by Article image, but via image option of image description and any image rights, see: https://metal-fm.com...ochenenden.html. images, there are only a limited set directly in the article, an exception will be when released a new album, the cover and the track list. [EDIT] bt_autosumbit_k2.php is still the same, since no changes have yet been made, I am assuming that the new file is not here in the forum is in the K2 special thread somewhere else. Where can I download this for ??
  6. Hello, have two things. First, after update version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 an error after editing the profile will be displayed: I asked for some time to determine that the K2 plugin bt_Autosubmit_K2 received no pictures on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, they will be transmitted only if, for example, a manual message is sent to the specified image or if you have specified an alternative image in the plugin, only this Submitted, but not the actual image of the article. See: is eg one was the transfer of the articles without forming products.Hope that the above-mentioned defects will be corrected accordingly. \m/ Stay Metal \m/