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  1. The provided solution did not work. Thanks for trying. I did find a workarround using iframes. Workarround Install a blank template (no branding, just white) Create the BT Slider modules assigning them to all pages, but NO position. Place the BT Slider modules inside articles using NoNumber Modules Anywhere Create menu items (pages) using the articles from step 3 and the blank template from step 1 Insert iFrame pages into the NoNumber Tabs While it is not an ideal solution, it does work.
  2. Peter van Westen over at NoNumber was very gracious and added an Initialise Delay to the tabs component; however, that did not resolve the problem. Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates the problem:
  3. I am combining BT Content Slider with NoNumer Tabs in order to get sliding content within a tabed content block. The problem is that the BT Content Slider content only shows up in the first tab. I copied a BT Content Slider module (3 duplicate modules) and assigned one to each tab to rule out contet related issues. Example URLs: <== First content tab - Has conent <== First content tab - Has conent <== Second content tab - blank <== Third content tab - blank Senario #2 If I turn off the BT Content Slider in Tab #1 and Tab #3, I get a blank content block in Tab #2, but the navigation arrows are there. One more wierd thing: in senario #2, when I inspect the content in Tab #2 with Firebug, the content suddenly appears. Any ideas on how to resolve this?