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  1. I am using BT Gallery, I have uploaded some photos for the slideshow, now my site takes forever to load. How can I improve the performance? What can I do to the photos to make them load quicker?
  2. Videos form YouTube or Vimeo never loads although I get a success message when it initially finds the videos. I can successfully add pictures from flickr and picasa.
  3. Yes, I can upload successfully from Flickr. I didn't try Picasa, I assume it would be successful as well.
  4. Nevermind, I figured it out.
  5. I'm using the BT Gallery 3.1.1 Quickstart. When I add a video from a local folder, it gives the video the default generic video thumbnail. How can I change this? Can I upload my own and associate it with the video or is there something else I can do to have the system generate a proper thumbnail for the video?
  6. I'm using the BT Gallery 3.1.1 Quickstart. I have yet to be able to add a video from youtube or vimeo, the system just says loading and never loads the video. Any ideas?
  7. When I attempt to add a video from YouTube or Vimeo, it just hangs at the loading icon. Any ideas?
  8. Duh, never mind I figured it out right after I sent the message. I just needed to be patient and checkout all options.
  9. I know I must be missing something simple, but when I add a video, I don't see the option to define "source of video" like the sample videos in the quickstart.
  10. When I upload videos the system does not generate a thumbnail from the actual video. It displays a generic thumbnail, which looks really bad with all of the other media which looks good. I want all of my videos to have thumbnails.