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  1. Hi my friends, This template is so good, and it's freeeeee... :) But I can see ads, any banner... where in the layout can I locate de ads? Thank's Gabriel
  2. Thank's Kien, One more Q. Why I try to unpublish some K2 item (Home Page item) but the item remains?
  3. I unpublish: The K2 Category The K2 Elements The BT Content show Even I delete some components, but the title remains. Is urgent, please tell what happens Let see the picture. Thank's
  4. full translation? To change "search" to "buscar"... "page" to "páginas"... "read more" to "Leer más" ? thanks
  5. This width? (see the pic) Thank's GB
  6. Hi, When I see my Mod. TB ContentShowCase looks with a "space" at the right (not centered), but when I apply "inspect element" in Chrome, all the news automaticaly put in the center. Why? How can I solve this problem? Let see the picture, It's more clear. Thank's GB
  7. Hi my friends, It's a simple question but I can't resolve. I write a K2 item, but when I see in web is not like the others K2 items. I want the same format (box cased) What parameter I have to give to this? Thank's GB
  8. Thank´s Kien. How I use your custom service?
  9. Hi my friends, I need the same article's format to pages and sections. (with content in a box and the slider up) Thank's Gabriel
  10. Excellent! Thank's :)