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  1. Hi Kien, If you look at this page in FireFox , when logged in (I've messaged you my login details) , you'll see that there are a load of icons that aren't displaying (next to status, photo, etc and the filters too.) Jomsocial say it's template compression that's causing this. They show fine in IE and Chrome though... Any thoughts? Cheers Paul
  2. S' was Jomsocial and this issue is sorted now! :)
  3. Hi, The jomsocial developers have said that there's compression in the template that is stopping certain icons from being displayed. Is it an easy job to turn this compression on or off to see if this is the case? Cheers Paul
  4. Hi, Please could you take a look at the page on my site it's the 'Local Events' page on the top menu. Going to this page breaks the template just isn't there! Not sure whether it's a template issue or Jomsocial Issue (although that's the only Jomsocial Page that isn't displaying correctly) Cheers Paul
  5. Hi, Tried that before ....have tried it again....still no joy :(
  6. Hi, When I log in to the site the login and register buttons go and are replaced by one other that says Super User BTL_WELCOME_BT_METRO Shouldn't it say something like Welcome Username ?? Cheers Paul