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  1. Sure is thanks
  2. thanks in advance for your time, you are a great support team !! This time, i wanted to edit the responsive layout columns in this template for the k2store module. As you can see in the image attached, it is actually displaying 2 spliced columns on the mobileĀ“s view, what code should i change or add to make it displayed 1 column bellow the other in the responsive layout? so the set of fields inside the column section can be displayed and read correctly. waiting you comments, Thanks !!
  3. Hello, Could you please tell me HOW (what codes lines to add o modify, and in where files ) to changed the background default color (white) for the same color as in footer section, in the entire template, incluiding all the pages and modules ?? This is how my template look now im willing to change the entire background color for the dark grey in all the pages . Really appretiate your answer, thanks
  4. Hello, i wondering how can i apply the footer section color (it is a dark grey color, dont know exactly the name o hexadecimal number, how can i get that? ), to the content section for all the pages? The actual content section is white, so i liked to change it to the same color as the footer section. Also, could you please tell me how can i add a new tipography for all the template? thanks for you support, waiting your commnets, Victoria. My site:
  5. I really appretiate any help on this, as i think this is a conflict with the template and the plugin. Thanks :)
  6. Hello, recently bought the Bt restaurant template for a site, after enabled and configure it, it does not get displayed on My contact form page. Note: i followed up the same steps on other sites and using other templates and they work perfectly, on this template is where i cant get it wokrs. my site: Please let me know if you need me to attach some images. instalation Joomla 2.5 Waiting your comments, thanks for your support. Victoria.