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  1. I really like the Simple Slideshow but I was wondering if there was a way to randomize the selection of the slides? Thanks,
  2. Sure, Thanks. Bill S.
  3. See the '0' between f Like and Tweet? That is what I am speaking about.
  4. On my site the FB Like counter is not working. I think I have it set up properly but it still not working. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks, Bill S.
  5. On a RocketTHemes template bt Social share suddenly gives these errors at the top of the module and the icons do not appear: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$id in \pluginds\content\bt_socialshare\bt_socialshare.php on line 37 It repeats for line 40. Any assistance would be appreciated. I did uninstall and reinstall with the same results. Using version 2.3.6. This happens on my local PC but only when opened via a TAG. If I open an article outside of a TAG everything is fine. This error only appears on a local PC and only when opened via a TAG. The live site is fine even when opened via a TAG request. Fun Huh? Thanks, Bill
  6. The button is there but when it is clicked on, a window pops up and then abrubtly closes. Is that the proper operation?
  7. I can't get the google share button to work. I am using BT_Social_Share 2.3.5. A window opens and then abrubtly closes. My site is: Thanks, Bill Slaughter
  8. In the plugin there are two items for facebook settings - One is the App ID: I can find this using - The other is titled - Moderators ID. My facebook link is: What goes in the Moderators ID field? Thanks. ;)