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  1. Solved the issue for now with help from Trong. It appeared to be a block for external urls at the hosting company. "allow_url_open" = 0 should be set to '1' or 'on' in my case. I'm good for now, thanks!
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. A pm was sent.
  3. Hi, I purchased the BT Media Gallery for a client. He wanted to display galleries of both his Flickr and Vimeo albums. Your component seems like the ideal solution. However I run into some problems when I try to use the 'Multiple Add' function. I can select both the 'Get from Flickr' and 'Get file from Vimeo' options. When I select 'Username' for 'Get file from Vimeo' I enter the username. But then it (Ajax?) fails to load the Vimeo albums. In the case of 'Flickr' I can actually select an album. But when I press the 'Get images' button I can see it's 'loading'. I will then say 'complete' but nothing is there... Can this be a conflict with another component or am Ioverlooking something? This is Joomla 2.1514 and PHP 5.3.23. Thanks for suggestions. In case you want to have a look I can supply you with a login for the website. Best regards