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  1. If we can add the following code to the link to display the popup in a new window. target="_blank"
  2. I am sure that there is a way that you can open the module in a new window even if it is a module.
  3. This is just a work around and I have 100's op products on this website that uses the bt quick contact form. I have a suggestion for you to solve this issue and this will make your product stand out above the rest as none of the other products can do this. Can you make a tickbox in the module that you can tick to open the popup in a new page (New Window) on top of the original page the size of the popup and then the captcha re-captcha will load from that page. Then you will have the abillity to have more than one instance of captcha on a page.
  4. Hi tronghm, I know that I can set the form type. I want it as a popup but must open the popup in a new window on top of the current page as I have multiple products that the users can request a quotation on. The popup uses Recaptcha but it can't open multiple instances. The only way I can get the Recaptcha to work and show the captcha is to open the popup in a new window and load the captcha on that page when the popup is displayed. I hope that this gives you more information about my problem at this moment. Regards.
  5. Does anyone know how i can open the popup module in a new window?
  6. This sould not be a problem if you have multiple popups on one page. It should only load the captcha when you click on the button to open the specific popup.