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  1. Thank you very much. The demo looks like it will work well for my needs. Is there any way I could put a request in for a future feature where there could be a YES/NO box in the settings, that would collapse multiple rows to a single row when responsive kicks in, with possibly a minimum pixel-width before the collapse occurs? Would that be easy for you to implement? Thank you again, Ray
  2. Hi developer, I had asked a question in the free BT Content Slider forum, about changing the grid size when responsive is activated. Again, I am currently using BT content slider module in 3 locations on my site. A 3x2, a 1x3 and a 2x2. When viewed on a small device and responsive mode kicks in, I want ALL of those sliders to change to a 1x1. You said this is not possible with Content Slider, but it is supported in the Content Showcase module. I looked over the user guide .pdf, but I did not see any screen-shots of the settings where this can be specified. Before I purchase this module, I would like to that that this feature is indeed supported, and how. Thank you very much, Ray
  3. I, too, would be interested to know if this were possible. I currently have a 2 x 2 on my page. When viewed on mobile when responsive kicks in, I would like it to change to a 1 x 1. Thanks developer, in advance, Ray
  4. Hello. Yes, you are correct. My content that I am sliding contains e-mail addresses. But this is intentional. I need to include e-mail addresses in the articles that I am sliding, and so I am wondering why BT Content Slider cannot display cloaked addresses properly. I am hoping you can tell me who to modify BT Content Slider settings (or code-hack) that will allow the 2 to co-exist on my site. Thank you very much, Ray
  5. Hi there, I have searched for others having this issue but surprisingly I came up empty handed. I have a new install of Joomla v3.1.5, and when I use BT content slider to showcase articles with e-mail addresses inside, my front end shows a compeltely white (blank) page, with JUST a list of e-mail addresses (all addresses contained in the articles set for display in BT content slider...) at the top of the page. When I disable the built-in Joomla e-mail cloak plugin, my site appears perfectly fine. This is how I have it set right now, but I really would value e-mail cloaking on my website. I searched for 3rd party extensions, but there are surprisingly none?! Thanks in advance for any assistance. Regards, Ray