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  1. At first I like this Template and I have fixed my SQL Problems by using this Template in Joomla 2.5 and NO Quickstart Setup using. No it seems all to work. The Contet Slider Modul on the content-mass top Position is now sliding, puuh hours of reading. My Site is different from the Basic Template shown in You Showcase so for this I have 2 simple Questions. 1. How can I resize the Picture in Content Slider. This Module is a little too big for my Site. The Picture Size is duffrent from the shown Template dont know why? My best Size can be in a 4:3 cause i use Videos for my Plugins and Tutorials. 2. The Sidebar1 Modul could a little bigger so I can add Longer Words for my Categories. Maybe somebody can tell me how to change this Sizes. 3. Is there a List of usable module class suffixes we can use in this Template e.g . _bash _bash blue oder _featured. Thanks Carsten
  2. Okay Set up Your 3.0 V1 Quickstart and aster installing the Joomla System I add easyblog and this happens: Table 'admin_btmagazine.nvi8m_easyblog_configs' doesn't exist SQL=SHOW CREATE TABLE `nvi8m_easyblog_configs` Also persist the Problems with the Module Headlines as I posted. On a fresh and blank Joomla System all will work properly Also on a 2.5 Joomla Quickstart also, only the Slides are not working. You can test it as You want , the Customer Test Page with the known Logins are available, until You have answered. Have a nice Time Carsten
  3. Oj sorry for that I have installed joomla 2.5 and all is working with that quickstart. I will set um Joomla 3 today and than you can see. Thanks Carsten
  4. Many thanks for answering my Questions I habe a Picture attached which I have gotten after a complete New Quickstart Installation on this domain You can access the Administrator Section with testadmin and the pass b88t33 . No worry about that its a free Domain simply for testing and can be damaged. If You have trouble with that you can edit my Post and delete the Pass after viewing. Here will be the Original Domain and I have done a simple Joomla 3 Installation add the Modules and the Templates without any Problems this Moment. The are some things I do not understand this time , but i will try to set all up. The Basic is without K2 , never installed before and it can be much time to set all up. In the Quickstart the Newsletter does not work properly, even the Installer with the acymail componetn fails here on my server. And in the Backend choose under Modules the Module Headline and the Screen expands as you can see in attached file and after return to the Overview you get the same error message with SQL Nice to hear from You Carsten
  5. See Picture for this Problem Ho can I fix that Problem
  6. Hi there i have no Idea SQL=SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `r3uvw_easyblog_configs` when opening in Modules Headlines any Solution Thanks Carsten