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  1. Thanks. But Social Icons doesnt show. Only code.
  2. Dear Bowthemes, how can I enable social button on newsletter module (see photos)? Thanks in advace.
  3. Dear BOwthemes, do you guide me in search button (and field of typo word) look like Bowthemes button? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks. Now, works!
  5. Thanks.
  6. Dear, I add line of code in template, and I get generate content-mass-bottom. Module does exist, but I can not choose it from module position. Not showing in all module position menu. Any suggestion?
  7. Thanks. But, i cannot get look like bt arise contact form. I want look i two columns, profile and contact form. currently I have look Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello Bowthemes, I need assistance with loading contact form on BT Arise template. Could you help me with this? Where I find this module? See picture. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello Bowthemes. I need a assistance with adding module position in template. In attached file is posting place of new module position. The new module position is in the middle od lef and right, and just after content (content-main) and before bottom.botsl. here is code of module position. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <layout name="desktop"> <!--Extra css load for this layout--> <stylesheets> </stylesheets> <blocks name="top" style="xhtml"> <block name="absolute" type="modules" style="raw">absolute</block> <block name="mainnav" type="mainnav" main-inner="1"></block> <block name="header" type="header" main-inner="1"></block> <block name="cpanel" type="usertools/cpanel"></block> <block name="breadcrumbs" type="modules" style="no-style">position-2</block> <block name="slideshow" type="modules" style="no-style">slideshow</block> <block name="topsl" type="spotlight" main-inner="1">user1,user2,user3,user4,user5</block> </blocks> <blocks name="middle" colwidth="26" main-inner="1"> <block name="content-mass-top" style="jaraw">content-mass-top</block> <block name="left1">position-7</block> <block name="inset2">position-5</block> </blocks> <blocks name="bottom" style="xhtml"> <block name="botsl" type="spotlight" main-inner="1">user6,user7,user8,user9,user10</block> <block name="footer" type="footer"></block> </blocks> </layout> Thanks in advance.
  10. Could you guide me? Tnx
  11. For now, I will look like bowthemes. Of course, if is possible.
  12. Thanks. Look nice!
  13. Hello. I have one question about BT Search module. Works ok, but I want change look. Is that possible? Attached filed shows currently and possible future look, or similar on bowthemes. Any suggestion? Options? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello. How I can change color on module main menu? I want look just like on demo bt arise (fulfill colored), eg. green or blue. My menu is white (see attach). Thanks in advance.
  15. Works properly on all servers (I tried two, one free and one commercial). Probably template block this module. Any suggestion?