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  1. Using Firebug, I have tracked down the problem, but I don't know what file I need to change to fix the problem. When the menu is rendered within your module, each line has this HTML: - <a href="/edit-profile/userinfo"><img src="/images/icons/man1-24.png" alt="Profile"><span class="image-title">Profile</span> </a> In order for the image and text to be on the same line, it needs to be: - <a href="/edit-profile/userinfo"><span class="image-title"><img style="vertical-align: middle;" src="/images/icons/man1-24.png" alt="Profile">Profile</span> </a> Can you please advise what file(s) I need to edit to make the above change?
  2. I now have it published on the internet, but I do not wish to include the URL in a public forum as it is not ready for general use. How can I advise you of the URL without including it in this public forum?
  3. It's running on a local install so I can't give you access. You should be able to can duplicate it quite easily. Create a Joomla menu, and on an item, include an image (24x24 is the normal size). Then include that menu in the BT Login module as the "Logged Module".
  4. I have recently installed your module BT Login and have found it to be very useful. I have identified one small issue that I hope you can assist me with. My menu has images attached to each item. When the menu is displayed in the BT Login dropdown, the image and menu title are displayed on seperate lines. The menu item in the attached screenshot shows what I mean: - I suspect it is a CSS issue. Are you able to assist me in getting the CSS adjusted so the image and menu title display on the same line?