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  1. I'm further, I believe BT Google Maps module needs an API: Google Maps JavaScript API Google Maps Geocoding API Google Maps Directions API Which means that you need to make a billing account at Google and that such a giant company as Google does have all you're credit card information. For me is this not a nice idea certainly for a small site as my volleybal club. There are are a few Google API's for free as Google Maps Embed and two other ones. It's a pitty, because I like the BT Google Maps very much because I could set/ configure it very well. So I'm now looking for a three alternative. Nico
  2. Strange that there is not any reaction... But I hope that someone will give me now a reaction. If I understand it well than the "Google Embed maps API" is not enough or this is not the right one. Altough you can at a limit of visiters I don't want add a billing account at google! Why should I give them my Billing information if I put a limitation on the visitors? Reason: I don't want that google does have my credit card information etc. But to get the BT Google maps extension up and running than I suppose that I need to activate the following API's as well: Google Javascript API Google Geocoding API Google Maps directions API But for example for the "Google Javascript API", than an Google billing Account is necessary or ...? 'Now I don't have a billing account ant it works one time a per day. Is that right what I'm writing here? The second time you will gett "For development purpose only". Otherwise, if this is not right what I'm writing here, can somenone explain how to get this extension up and running? Or is there any documentation? Where can I find it? It is not at the documentation of "BT Google maps" pdf! With regards, Nico
  3. Hello, I have used the BT Google Maps voor the site of volleybalclub. This works fine but I was checking in the past weeks and now doesn't it work anymore. But can someone say which API must I choose? For now I have the "Maps Embed Api" enabled. But I get the error " Google Maps JavaScript API error: InvalidKeyMapError". But if I enable this API than the quota is 1, so 1 time it will works for the day! And the Google Maps Javascript API, is not free so we have to pay. Can someone explain or tell me which API do I need? I only will show a map with the address of the sporthall. I seems to me that it is not difficult but I hope that someone can help me out this. With regards, Nico
  4. I think I have had found my problem. I have add in the .htaccess redirect for the standard login page a few weeks ago. This was at the time that I was configuring the front-end login. I have made a mistake that I came everytime on the login page in stead of the landing-page. So I add a redirect in my .htaccess. I recover my problem with login front end and home page but was forgotten that I have add these redirect in the .htaccess. Yesterday evening I remembered suddenly these lines. I have removed these lines and now it works. Thanks. Nico
  5. Hello, I have this problem since yesterday. I was using version 2.6.0, and this was working perfect. Yesterday I have upgraded to 2.6.3 and now I get this message. I have changed the redirect for login, to the profile page, and then I DON't get that message!!!! But when I redirect after login to the 'Create article' page then I get that message "Another plugin has redirected the page on login, Please check your plugins system" I have joomla default login module is unpubliced. There is also something strange. What I already said, I have upgrade the module to 2.6.3. In my extension maintenance --> module maintenance there I see still description version 2.6.0!! It looks for me strange. I hope that this info means something to one of the bowtheme, and can help us out. Nico
  6. Hello, I'm like the iStore template from iBrave. But now I'm looking with the firebug tool at warnings and this is displayed: Dutch: Wachtwoordvelden aanwezig op een onveilige pagina (http://). Dit vormt een beveiligingsrisico dat het stelen van gebruikersreferenties mogelijk maakt. English: Password fields present in an insecure page (http://). This poses a security risk that allows steal user credentials. If I switch off the login module then this warning is gone. So it comes from the BT login. My question is how 'threatening' is this!? Nico
  7. I do not understand why is that? I have created a dummy menu with the menu catergory list. This menu is not vissible to a module position or something. I want the article's can only be reached by the content slider. But why do I have to create a menu --> menu item(s)?
  8. Hello tronghm, Ok no problem. Thanks for you're reply. The marker is working now. I have created a new style by 'Apply Default' and I have tried 'Create new', but I don't see anything changing.
  9. Hello, First: I was working with version 2.0.5, the problem which occurs was that not the marker could be saved. I found that I was not the only one on this forum. So tonight I installed version 2.0.8, in which this problem has been solved. And that is right. But I still see not a marker on my map at the frond-end. Anybody any Idea. The adress what I have filled in is: street number, town (On this forum I don't fill in the real streetname/town) The same with custom style manager. I have made the map color red #ff0000. But I see nothing changed. Second: And I see in the manual that you can add a jpg at the 'Marker nfo-window'. But how? I don't see any TinyMCE editor. I'm working on my localhost, development environment. XAMPP 1.8.x Thanks, Nico
  10. Hello, I have try to find such a topic but I couldn't. On the test side I have installed BT content slider. When I click on the read more link it returns to the home page and not to the article. On my localhost it is working! I'm using the .htaccess and 'SEO friendly urls' and 'Use URL rewriting'. But I have tried to switched On and Off, in both occassion it doesn't work. Nico
  11. Hello, I have read on some places that with the BT content slider it is also posible to scroll the article's vertical in stead of horizontal from left to right. On the other hand I read on this forum a topic of september with the same question and the answer was, no. So can someone help me out is it posible or not to scroll the content vertical? And if so, is it than posible to move the navigate arrow buttons to right and in stead of left/right, to position up/down button. On the other it seems to me that it must be not so difficult to change the movement from ltr to down-to-up. Can someone tell me in which file's I have to change this? Thanks, Nico