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  1. Hi i use bt contentslider on latest joomlaversion for source k2 category and all works fine. But when i create a menuitem for k2 categoryblog the url of the menu is inserted in the slider item-url (f.e the urlpart "available-en/executives/senior" becomes "allmanagers/senior" when activating the menuitem allmanagers), but i do not want this, the old url shall be untouched. Is this a bug or wanted and how can i avoid this?
  2. Hello, i have set bt content slider and news show gk5 both to public, both show not up, (if i log in as admin they show up.) everything works normal for public access exept those 2 moduls -they worked fine since yesterday for years, now something is broken. Only thing i changed was to create a new usergroup(already deleted it but bug stays) anyone an idea how to become these moduls public again?(moduls are set public, articles and groups also) One of the sliders should be here: https://www.rent-a-manager.com/en/showcases
  3. Hello, the cut for readmore -nevertheless if cut bei amount of words or signs, destroys the slider because it cuts inside of tags, f.e. Innsbruck<br />Washington,... becomes: Innsbruck<br... </div><p class="readmore"> which disables the whole structure for the slider malking <br /> to <br/> avoids the error, but thats no googd solution -(older browers need the space and my editor always change the code to the correct form) what have i to change to forbid the readmorecut taking place inside my <br />
  4. Hello, with strip tags enabled and allow tag newline i have a bug(latest joomla and slider), the slider destroys itself (instead running in one row the articles falling in peaces down), it cut inside tags, in my editor breaks are <br />, bt slider cuts off before />, which destroys formatting, when i correct <br /> to <br/> all works fine. Is it possible to prevent the slider cutting in tags? ps error occured with chars or word cutting thanks
  5. Hello, in mobileview it is impossible to scroll down on slidermodules for some smartphones, this happens with the Samsung Galaxie S4mini (Android 5), with my own older bigger Samsung it works, on all emulators i used for testing also. I do not know if it is a problem for android 5 or the size of the device (modules height seems big enough to cover whole screen) url: http://synedrion.rent-a-manager.biz/en/available/senior-manager Anyone an idea for an workaround? thanks