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  1. I took the mod_btlogin folder from a backup previous to the last update and replaced the one in the site and now it works.
  2. Hi. I have the exact same problem. I am using BT Travel and I recently updated to the last version of BT Login. I didn´t customize the module. Can you help me? My subscription is expired.
  3. I am not a programmer nor a coder. With all bowtheme´s help <promotional link>. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi. I got a J!Basic subscription, everything went ok. Due to personal reasons, my project was delayed for a couple of months, my subscription expired and when I got back to work on it I ran into some problems. All bowtheme´s team helped me even when my subscription was expired and thanks to them (especially tronghm) I have now my site working like a charm! It is nice to work like that! Thanks a lot and keep the good work!! Astier
  5. The problem was fixed thanks to tronghm. Great help and great support!! Even though my payed subscription was expired!! I can´t thank enough to tronghm and bowtheme´s team. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  6. Codes are the same. BT travel version is 3.0 from OCT 2013, I don´t know if this is the latest one. I sent you a PM with the data thanks a lot!!
  7. hi! Same problem here. I am using joomla 3.3, bt-travel template and BT-login 2.5.3 I never had this problem when making the test site (dev mode in the template) but yesterday, I finally went alive (dev mode off) and had this issue for the first time. In the live site I turned the cache off in the entire site and I don´t want that, of course. The problem is that my 4 month subscription expired. Can you help me anyway? I didn´t report this bug on time because I never turned the dev mode off before!! Hope you can help me! thanks PS I tried other solutions in this topic but as I am not using BT-ARISE I am not sure what to do to find the files. Didn´t try the extension one, I hope this can be fixed without adding any extension.
  8. cool, worked ok! thanks!
  9. hi! I installed on my PC the quickstart package and started trying to emulate it in my development site. When trying to configre BT backgorund slideshow module it turns out that in the user manual and in the quickstart packagem this module is in the background_slideshow position but in the fresh instalation there is not such position available. IS this any bug or am I missing something? thxs!
  10. Great! Fixed! Thanks a lot!
  11. Done, and the problem did not solve, actually, I have a new one now :huh: . BT tabs module that in the demo is shown rigth below the background slideshow now has moved up and it is over the background slideshow!. I am sending the data you ask for to your mail. I hope you can help me ! thanks,
  12. Hi, Sorry if this is a dumb question. i am using bt_travel and I am using the demo in the quickstart package as a model but there is something i can´t figure out how to do. In demo site the two modules "Welcome to BT travel template for Joomla! 2.5" and "What do you want to find" are splited in half the screen each. If I try in my installation I can´t make it happen. I guess it has something to do with the layout in Extension> template manager> BT_travel> layout, but I can´t figure out how to do this. Can you help me? thanks
  13. Cool, thanks!!!
  14. Hi! I recently purchased a membership and I am woeking on BT restaurant template with the quick start package. this is on Joomla 3.0. Is it ok if I update to latest joomla? Is it compatible? thanks a lot