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  1. Hi, Browsed your collection of nice templates but couldn't find one which fits what I need, unless there's one I could divert from its original structure. I am looking for a way to present a ballclub (local baseball team) and would like to see a 3 cols responsive structure with left and right menus and a central article display zone How easy would it be to customize one of your templates to achieve this and which one would be the best pick? Thx and best regards Phil
  2. Fix working just great! Thanks guys for reacting quickly... Cheers Philippe
  3. Hi, Did send you a private post with access details. Thanks for replying quickly. Cheers Philippe
  4. Hi, Same here...And, yet, I don't seem to have a conflicting JQuery module, or at least it has no option to change the noconflict... What happens is: I try to pick the marker image and Insert but a click on Insert doesn't do anything... Actually, what is strange is that the Image pick window expands full screen...Not sure whether it is its normal behavior. Filename is correctly indicated but Insert just stays idle... Using Firefox or IE on Joomla 2.5.16 and your latest module (2.0.6). Any idea? Thx Philippe