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  1. Any help about it?
  2. Hello, i am using BT Background SlideShow as a slider banner module. I have added some text on the banners which is shown on desktop devices, but if you use mobile or tablet, the text doesnt show up. Do you have any idea why? Thank you in advance
  3. Can you tell me how can i also add a module position below the component position? Than k you
  4. I have exactly the same problem. How xan i solve it? Also the images of background at both home and other pages is not shown well at all browsers. Can you please check it? it is for Thank you :)
  5. No problem, thank you :)
  6. Hello I am using bt travel template but i want to change the fonts, because texts are shown differently at Greek and English, as you can see the title of article here e.g. (http://grecoholidays...-hotel-exelmans). I want to know how can i import a font that will suppot greek letters and show them exactly same with english letters. Also fonts of main menus should change too Thank you in advance
  7. Thank you, i would like to make it #eb9d0e
  8. Hello I would like to ask, how can i change the colour of the menu bar. I have choosen the colour i prefer from the default you offer, but i want to make small change and use another orange. Attached is a print screen of what exactly i want to change colour. Thank you
  9. I tried to use the code for buttons and especially i used the biggest one (class: ja-typo-btn btn-orange ja-typo-btn-big btn-big-orange), but when i do this the button appears too small, without any margin from the text, as it is shown at demo. e.g. look at button here (http://www.patitisty...nia-topothetisi). Buttons have also issue with alignent, as they always keep aligned to left. I achieved to center align them only by using a table, but size and margin is still an issue. EDIT: Also another issue is with images. I searched your foroum and found two other topics about that, i made these changes and achieved no to strech photos to full width, but yet now any image appears at frontend with the dimensions that is uploaded, even if you try to change the size via the editor! Please help me with both issues. Thank you
  10. Thanks for your quick reply :) For first option if you use another color than the default the right path is templates/bt_folio/themes/COLOR/images. I tried to ad also a 4th image there. I made the right modifications at module and if you try to reuse 1 of these 3 images its perfect. But i created another one (feature4.png) but this does not appear. Should i make any other change in order to show another 4th image? EDiT: The solution is just here /templates/bt_folio/css/template.css line add one more image.
  11. Hello Thanks for your nice and flexible template first of all :) I would to ask exactly how can i change the default icons that are set at "PORTFOLIO FEATURES" module. I searched both here and at documentation but could find anything relevant. Thank you in advance