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  1. Hi Hrovje. I got that message and Trongm is looking into it for me - stay tuned! Jenny
  2. Hi Tronghm. not certain that I am supposed to post details here - is there a way to contact you privately or is this a private post? Thanks Jenny
  3. Hi, I downloaded the ajax file and replaced as per instruction above but after doing so no new images would load - I kept getting a message that read 'file failed to load'. I have put back the old ajax.php file at the moment because at least I can add new images, even if I have to load them all up and edit them all again!. Love to know what I did wrong. Jenny
  4. Hi, not only are the comments in the post above the exact issue I have been having, but when I hit delete for the duplicates, then save, I lose everything and have to start all over again. This becomes messy because I have to rewrite all the text, too, not just reload images. Effectively you start from scratch every time you need to add a new image. That being said, it is a beautiful responsive image module. Thanks. The text is rather large when you view on a mobile device though. I don't think it shrinks. I will email purchase details as suggested. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I am not certain if this is a module issue or a Joomla issue but I will start here. I have the wonderful responsive module on the front page ( which is exactly where I want it, and exactly the size I want it to be, and no where else (at the moment). I have selected under module assignment to tick the home menu button and nothing else. (see attached image) However, if I create a page for an event, for example, and the page is not linked to any menu item, then module appears on the top of the page and it is HUGE! (http://www.bendigoba...=314&Itemid=102) No matter what I tick or untick, the module is always there and it is much larger than the one on the front page. Any ideas why 1) it appears on these pages when they are not assigned? and 2) why it is so large? Blessings Jenny
  6. FYI guys, I still have intermittent problems loading new images. When I have a new image to add, I put it int he image folder, then I delete all images in the module then reload them all again. It is slow and tedious and I have to re do all the descriptions, but it is faster than trying to load and reload images that keep disappearing. I am reluctant to have anyone touch it because when the host did, in January, all the font sizes across my whole website changed and I have just got them right again! Ah well. :)
  7. It appears the problem has been solved through the host. They had to change a settings in Mod_Security. Looking good :) Thanks guys.
  8. I will contact my host first and see what we can do there. I will keep you, and the rest of the forum posted. Thanks for what you have done so far.
  9. Thanks Tronghm. I uploaded the file to the location you said. I cleared the Joomla cache and the browser cache. I removed the two double images I had, which removed 4, leaving me one. I then tried to reload the missing images and they won't load they just keep trying to load unsuccessfully. Have I misunderstood your instructions? With thanks Jenny
  10. PM send- thanks. Blessings Jenny
  11. Hi, I love the look and flexibility of Slideshow Pro. Great job guys. I am having a problem, however. I have the images for the slideshow in a joomla folder. I added a new image to the folder, making the total number of images in that folder 4. I then uploaded it to slideshow pro through the 'get images' button. The only way to do it that I could see was to upload all the images so I had the 3 that had been in Slideshow Pro initially and 4 new ones - one being the new image added and the other 3 being doubles of the ones already in the module. I then thought I would simply remove the unwanted ones, Each time I removed the unwanted ones and hit save, another image would delete and I was left with 3, and they were different every time. I don't need double images, and I cannot get the 4 images I want to be in the module all together. I just tried again and I am down to 2 images. 1) How do I get the images to stay? 2) Can you select certain images from the folder or do you have to upload all images in the folder every time? I have created a small video to show you the problem I have had. I look forward to haring from you. Blessings Jenny