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  1. Hello Some people just tell me BT Tabs don't work with internet explorer 8 or 9 on my website. Do you know where does this problem ? Thank's
  2. Hi tronghm Sorry, I did not understand your first answer with my poor english. Rereading I preview of my mistake. I did what you wrote and it works. A big thank you
  3. Hi I don't find $aticle = BTTagsHelper::loadArticle($tab->tabValue); in default.php and I find once on accordion.php I did changement but that's not work
  4. Hi tronghm Yes that's right, it's short code It's a component and plugin. You can see here. I chose to put it in a tab to see further information and to ensure that the article is not too long
  5. Hi, You can see in this article tabs name "plan" Thanks!
  6. Hi I tried to add gmapfp module to BT Tabs, but that not work. (gmaspfp work in article) I asked to gmapfp creator why, and he ask me if I know BT Tabs is able to encapsulate plugins ? Can you answer me ?
  7. Hi, Perfect, thank you
  8. Hi tronghm I send pictures to your private message
  9. Hi How can I center the tab-buttons ? Regards
  10. Hi tronghm I deleted the one that did not work, but others do not work and the bt-tabs has become very broad. How is it? Regards
  11. Hi tronghm You can't help me ?
  12. Hi tronghm It's strange, because I can access. I give you again admin account and FTP account via private message.
  13. Hi, did you received my private message ? Regards
  14. Hello I have problems with the modules in the BT Tabs. When I put slideshow in, I have this error "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homez.52/.../modules/mod_slideshowck/helper.php on line 34 And for 2 others modules, the css colors change. The sames modules in another module position work very well. Have you a solution ? thank you
  15. Hello is it possible not to display the title of the article ? Thanks!