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  1. Hi tronghm, you can see the case this at thanks for your support. rgds,
  2. Hello, we are experiencing this situation with BTgoogleMaps: the first time the page is loaded (after an inactivity period of more than few hours), the map is correctly shown inside the module's front-end. However, from this moment, on succesive reloads of the page/content, the map becomes empty (I mean: blank, the module's front-end frame is active, but no information is shown inside it, where it is supposed to be the map). After a couple hours the map is shown again, but only for once... then the process repeats In the beginning I thought this was a limit on accessing maps per hour, but I've checked on google this data, and it seemed we are far enough to think on an API I got the following message at the debug section of the content viewer (google chrome GET,qsensor=true, 404 (Not Found) any suggestions? thanks for your help...