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  1. Just one question, how can I insert google analytics ? I tried to insert the code Before </head> in template manager and inside the file head.php but neither worked. Thanks
  2. Hi Tam, thank you very much! It's solved.
  3. Hi Tam, I sent login and password to Site: Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have created a dropdown menu, but it's getting underneath the newsletter module. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, The dropdown menu is getting behind the modules. How can I do to bring it forward? Thanks.
  6. Same here, did you solve the problem?
  7. Hi, I'm testing the BT Gallery template but when I try to get a video from Vimeo, the "Loading" image appears and never ends. Do you know what can be happening? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, solved!
  9. How long the Lunar New Year holiday?
  10. Solved, thanks!
  11. Nothing?
  12. Hi Tam, Is also happening when I open the link for all categories. You can see here: Please also see the attached images.
  13. Hello, Is there some way to use Jshopping Cart Ext. with Virtuemart? Thanks.
  14. Thanks Tam, it's solved!