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  1. Hallo! BT Content Showcase is a great module - THANKS!!! I use "Metro" as Layout and I want to show the introtext from the articels. It work's, but I'd like to show it with the same style as in the articles! I alread read about the possibilty of the "Advanced Options" for Strip Tags and Allow Tags, but they doesn't include my needs - table, background, h1, h2 ... Can somebody help me?? Thanks, Sandra
  2. Good Morning! Thanks! But it already works! The manual could solve the problem ;-) Have a nice day! Sandra
  3. Hello! It's strange: in the source code you can see the slideshow beginning at row 124. Perhaps there is a problem with the CSS?! Can anybody help?! Thanks, Sandra EDIT: It work's! I worked with the manual!
  4. Thank you, but it doesn't work! I pasted your attached file to templates\bt_real_estate\tpls\blocks and set the position for the slideshow to "top-content". Any other idea? Thanks, Sandra
  5. Hi! I want to show the slideshow on ALL pages - on HOME too! I tried to paste your mainnav.php into the folder, but it doesn't work! Can you help me? Thanks, Sandra