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  1. Hello I have used your BT Google Maps Pro on many of may projects now. On a current job I am working with a bus company. We would find it a very useful feature if we could show the different bus routes (color coded) marked on the map. Would this be possible? Cheers. - Dave.
  2. Thanks that did the trick!
  3. Hello I have fixed it!! I tried the first option which fixed it nicely. "- Edit the marker: turn off show infowindow onload. Then try to click the marker on map to see result." Thank you. Cheers.
  4. That worked nicely. :) Is there a similar way to remove the 'GOOGLE' link on the bottom left?? Cheers.
  5. Hello (again) I have just implemented your Map extension on my website, I have noticed a triangle that appears at times. I have taken a screen capture to illustrate. Hope can I remove this?? Hope to Hear from you soon! Cheers. ~ Dave. Site url - http://www.isleofsky...oint-lighthouse
  6. Hello Is there any way to remove the Map Data, Terms of Use and Report a Map Error boxes at the bottom? I do realise this may create copyright issues, but I can live with that!! Hope someone can help! Cheers. ~ Dave.