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  1. Hello! for SEO purpose i need to ad link rel nofollow in this link http://twitter.com/share Is this possible? Thanks
  2. Hello! BT Google Map support clustering in order to have a final result like here? http://www.biasi.it/it/assistenza Regards
  3. Hello! i've just styled Login/Registration form here: Now is it possible to style Welcome username and Logout as in the attachment? Best regards
  4. Hello! i need a search engine as in this website: http://www.berettaservice.it/ With city or cap i get the result on gmap.. I need a plan subscription or it is a custom development? Best regards Fabio
  5. Hello!! i solved the problem as you can see :D Now i get this: http://www.alfatoursitalia.it/viaggi-africa/68-etipoia-arca-dell-alleanza Over query limit. What can i do? Thank you
  6. That was what i think too :D but not working. Also with your code.. http://www.fabiotoscano.it/alfatours/templates/alfatours/js/script.js - LINE 31 Maybe It is called in a wrong way? I also tried to ask in an other forum and said me this
  7. Ok thank you for your support and patience. i can confirm that the code is loaded after BT google map script <script type="text/javascript" src="...default.js"></script> LINE 34 <script type="text/javascript" src="...script.js"></script> LINE 75 It still not working..
  8. Mmm do you mean at the end of /mod_bt_googlemaps/tmpl/default.php? Or at the end of one /mod_bt_googlemaps/tmpl/js file?
  9. Thank you very much. I did all your steps.. About changing my script is this right? $(".zoomappa").click(function() { $('.zoomappa').hide(); $('.bt-googlemaps').animate({width:'710px'}, 500); $('.bt-googlemaps').animate({height:'640px'}, 500); $('.nozoomappa').show(); initializeMap(config, markersCode, stylesCode, boxStyles); });
  10. Thank you for your suggestion but nothing changed... =(
  11. Hello, thanks to you for your reply and for this extensions.. I've tried in this way but not working.. I wrong something? $(".zoomappa").click(function() { jQuery(window).trigger('resize'); $('.zoomappa').hide(); $('.bt-googlemaps').width("710"); $('.bt-googlemaps').animate({width:'710px'}, 500); $('.bt-googlemaps').animate({height:'640px'}, 500); $('.nozoomappa').show(); });
  12. Hello, when i click on "ingrandisci mappa" i'd like to increase width/height of my gmap.. but i see gray box.. Can you help me? What can i do? Thank you
  13. Hello! can i style a background image in my social share button (twitter facebook google plus)? Thank you
  14. Hi, Can i login with ssl security? Thx!
  15. sure: Integrated option -> option Option module -> bt login option link -> /miosito/index.php/registrati site display a white page with this error: Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-\www\miosito\libraries\joomla\database\query.php on line 91