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  1. It seem to work fine now. Thanks Pity it took so long :(
  2. hey It's been wekk Should I be expecting any help from you?
  3. yes you can see the menu items on the site hover over the "Blog" in the top menu
  4. Hey I had to reinstall the site It all seem to work fine for me but those urls created by bt_contnent slider they look like this: http://www.mydreamwe...ew=entry&id=115 when you access them from the slider on the homepage where they look this way: http://www.mydreamwe...some-stag-night when you access them from within the blog page Can you help please?
  5. No worries I'm glad that can help
  6. HiBelow the changed files are listed Please find also attached files - /modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/btsource.php - /modules/mod_bt_contentslider/ classes/easyblog.php - /modules/mod_bt_contentslider/classes/images.php - /modules/mod_bt_contentslider/mod_bt_contentslider.xml -/templates/bt_magazine/html/mod_bt_contentslider/blocknews.php http://www.mydreamwedding.ie/Archive.zip
  7. Hi there I have that sorted with some smart .htaccess trick. So leave it out please.
  8. Well done. I dave 1 more thing The module produce cached version of the images which is great. But the live of the images is 1 hour which is to short for images You may see here https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mydreamwedding.ie&tab=desktop that I have big problem leveraging browser caching. I tried to change the caching time in the module settings but this isn't helping. Can you advise please?
  9. Dude you are star. The changes you did are awesome. My google score went up from 30 / 38 to 52 / 65 You are great. You should implement it to the module installation files. 1 thing though The height of the top image can't be changed I have set it to 280px The hight is 150px but some of the image are 250px (just sometimes in most cases they are 150)
  10. I have one more thing. Google is complaining about my image size on the homepage when I test the site speed. So what I discovered the weight of images in the module on the homepage is higher then the weight of original images posted to the blog. How can the thumbnail be heavier then the original image even though it's smaller? Check the link I have uploaded few to compare. http://www.screencast.com/users/jobo9968 The name contain the weight of the images downloaded to my PC The record is 8kb in the original image size and 60kb of cached version http://www.mydreamwedding.ie/weddingblog/entry/honeymoon/honeymoon-destinations-the-maldives (check the top image on the homepage) Can you advice?
  11. Why is that you developers do not care about the site rankings, speed etc. It's always just about the look. Or at least the great looking ones (like yours) aren't built with the SEO in mind. It's obvious that if page has plenty high res images it will load way slower. You know that google is ranking better sites that load fast. If I will have 10 such big images on homepage it won't rank the way it could having smaller images. It's not the only ranking factor but quite important. So why not to (at least) set the image size for the bigger in the module setting and scale down with css in the smaller ones? That's what I did with my site now. But why not to set both parameters in the module settings? Thanks for your help anyway
  12. yeah but then the images can be huge. can they be all at least as the top images? but the secondary scaled down to the state they are now? Or is it something wrong with the easy blog that the images it generates are so big? They aren't that big on the blog page page though
  13. I have changed the homepage a bit. Just removed 1 of the sidebars as it was to much clutter on it. Because there's more space for the content sliders it didn't look great. I changed the size of the secondary images but looks like the top images are the same size and are upscaled which looks bad. What can I do? Is there any solution to have it the way it is now but have better quality of the images? Can you advise please?
  14. Thanks for your help. Looks great now. Will it survive next update though?