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  1. Hi, Ok, i found it. Thank You very much :D Really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, Another question from me, instead of user click on the image and go to article can i do click on the image and it will direct to any URL on new tab?? For example i attached the screen shot of the slider.. Thanks
  3. Hi, I found that, you mean i need to create under hidden menu -> create new - Menu Item Type (category list)? It's correct? Thanks
  4. Hi, For my understanding, you mean if i have 4 articles in the slider, i need to create hidden menu for each article? Thanks
  5. [sorry for my English] Hi, Regarding to the title (BT Content Slider - Item ID), i'm using BT Content Slider version 2.3.8. My question is, where can i find the field for setting up for Item ID? Because i'm referring to the documentation, the "item id" is under source setting..but i can't find it. You can see the attachment. The problem that i faced related to this issue is a, how can i make when i click on the title of the article, then it will link to the another page(which is article page)? I hope you really can help me :) Thanks