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  1. Hello Tronghm, I cleared my cache, now you should see the files of the new version. Any idea how to fix the issue though? Thank you for your help and best regards, Philippe
  2. Hello, I have BT login on my website and it is causing a conflict with the extension DP Calendar. The conflict seems to be related to the simple modal popup function. Please check this page: login with: username: guest password: guest Then please click any event in the calendar. The normal behaviour should be the event appearing in a modal popup window. But BT login breaks it. I tried disabling BT login and it works fine. When I re-enable it doesn't work again. I read this post: then downloaded the last files provided and tried overwriting the default files with those. It didn't work either, so I reinstalled the default files. Any idea how to solve this? Thank you in advance for your help and best regards. Philippe
  3. Hello Tronghm, thank you for your reply. I applied what you said and managed to have it resize properly in portrait. But in landscape it didn't work because for some reason when I put both the @media (max-width:320px) and the @media (max-width:480px), the style that is applied is always the one of @media (max-width:480px), even when my phone is in portrait. Then I tried to do the same for the register formular but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I thought it would work with: @media (max-width:320px){ #btl-content-registration{ width: 300px; height: 250px; margin-left: 26px; } But it didn't work. Do you know which variable to put for the registration form? Thank you very much for your help and best regards. Philippe
  4. Helo Tronghm, Thank you for tour reply. So how can I apply these changes responsively with CSS? What would the code look like, if I want the resizing to happen only when BT Login is displayed on an iPhone (portrait / landscape)? Thank you for your help! Best regards Philippe
  5. Ok I just went live so you will find my website here now: You will see that it is responsive. Thank you for your help! Best, Philiippe
  6. Ps: I am about to go live with my responsive website. When I do it will be at the root: But I will let you know when I do. Thanks Best, Philippe
  7. Hello, thank you for your reply. Sure it's responsive. Careful there are two websites on my server at the moment. The "older" version that is not responsive: and the "newer" version that is responsive: When you check that second one on an iPhone, for a reason that escapes my understanding, you have to put the URL twice in Safari in order for the page to load. Otherwise it will automatically redirect you to which is not responsive. Please check it again taking this into consideration. Thank you for your help and best regards, Philippe
  8. By the way, here is my url so you can see it: If I apply this code: @media (max-width:340px){ #btl-content-login{ width: 300px; margin-left: 26px; } } The popup window appears nicely in my iPhone, but then the close button dissappears both on iPhone and deskop... Any idea why? Thank you for your help! Best, Philippe
  9. Hello, thank you for your reply. I have tried this solution but it doesn't work. (I pasted the css code you gave me in at the end of the file style2.0.css) Are you sure this would be the exact code to resize the popup window in Smarphone devices? The standard size for portrait on my template is 340 px, that's what I put but it's not working. Could you please suggest me another css entry? Thank you and best regards, Philippe
  10. Hello, I would like to know how I could make the BT login window resize in Smarphones. I know it is small enough to fit in Desktop and Tablet devices, but in my iPhone the window is still slightly too big. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you and best regards, Philippe
  11. Hello, I talked to your customer service through chat and they told me that you could help me with this issue: I am making a responsive website and I chose BT login as this is the best extension I have found for login: beautiful! Normally this module would not really need to be responsive as it is small, but in my iPhone, it is still a tiny bit too big. I would like to know how I can adapt the module's size - concretely the popup window's size - in order to fit the iPhone's screen. Maybe it's possible via css? Thank you in advance for your help and best regards, Philippe