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  1. Hi Support team Thanks for solving my media code problem a littile earlier :) Got another problem with the gallery... if you go to and see that when it load more social images there's four images in its original size, I thought it should be thumbnail sizes but it's not, not sure why it's happening and hoping if you could check it and let me know what to do. Also the white bar under each thumbnail how do I get rid off it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi support team my site's finally gone live, but there seems to be problem with thumbnail loading 1. sometimes the thumbnail will missing and if I refresh the browser again it will go away, also if you scroll over to the thumbnail the comment and star are located at the top, which is different to what I saw from the demo. 2. when click the thumbnail to enlarge, some of the images have a warning message under the comment box saying there's error, is it like a bug? If you could go to my site and check under "collection" you'll see the problem that I'm having, if you could provide a solution ASAP that will be great! Thanks Support team.
  3. Hi Support team I'm having issue uploading the ALL IN ONE pack (com_bt_media_v1.1.1_j2.5& for BT Media Gallery for Joomla 3.2, so I upload other plug-ins ZIP files individually but I don't have the BT Gallery menu in my component drop down panel, could you let me know why this is happening? I have checked the server and it's all up to the BT standard but it just keep showing Error :( Let me know ASAP if you have solution to that :) Thanks!