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  1. Hi, the problem is solved and was probably caused by a faulty update from a slider module. Thanks you for your time.
  2. Hi, i set the error reporting to Max, but there is no error. The form will sent the mail so that working, but instead of showing a succes message in the form, it show the code in a blank screen. The topic i refered to can be seen here:
  3. Hi, when i submit a form it show a whit epage with this text: {"success":true,"messages":"[\"Bedankt voor uw inschrijving\"]"} Probably the same problem as other topic Started by Bloos Daniel, 11 Oct 2012 Can i download these file somewhere. I use BT Quick Contact Version 2.1.3.
  4. Its working now. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. OK, i got this error: ReferenceError: Sortables is not defined this.sortables=new Sortables(this.options.container,{ This code comes from btquickcontact.js (regel 12)
  6. Hi, thanks for the quick response but it did not work for me. This is what i have //Add js if (!$checkJqueryLoaded) $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/assets/js/jquery.min.js'); if(!version_compare(JVERSION, '3.0', 'ge')){ $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/chosen.jquery.min.js'); $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/css/chosen.css'); } $document->addScript(JURI::root() . $this->element['path'] . 'js/bt.js'); $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/btquickcontact.js'); $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/btbase64.min.js'); //Add css $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . "modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/css/btquickcontact.css"); $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . $this->element['path'] . 'css/bt.css'); return null; I changed this to //Add js //if (!$checkJqueryLoaded) if (!$checkJqueryLoaded && !version_compare('JVERSION', '3.3', 'ge')) $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/assets/js/jquery.min.js'); if(!version_compare(JVERSION, '3.0', 'ge')){ $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/chosen.jquery.min.js'); $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/css/chosen.css'); } $document->addScript(JURI::root() . $this->element['path'] . 'js/bt.js'); $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/btquickcontact.js'); $document->addScript(JURI::root() . 'modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/js/btbase64.min.js'); //Add css $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . "modules/mod_btquickcontact/admin/css/btquickcontact.css"); $document->addStyleSheet(JURI::root() . $this->element['path'] . 'css/bt.css'); return null; Any other sugestions?
  7. Hi, I cannot create a contact form using joomla 3.3.0. It won't let me create any fileds under manage fields tab The version which i use is: BT Quick Contact Version 2.1.2 Is there a solution or work around for this problem? Regards