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  1. ok thanks to you but for a dummy facebook user could you say me what have i to set in :o FB App ID? :unsure: thanks again
  2. no I didn't! the article is in the 'Notizie' section on the right (as you can see in the screenshot) http://www.federicap...ess-dymove.html And when I try to share it on Facebook that's is the result (please see the second screenshot) I dont know what i have to do :(
  3. Hi, of course, the website is www, let me know if you would like login in administrator area and how i can send you the user/pasw thank
  4. Hi tronghm i tried but facebook says now: and also when i share with fb the article the image is a white space Please help me
  5. I had already tried to run in fb debug but I've not know what it show to me :huh: please see the screen shot :wacko: please could you help ??
  6. Hi at all, i'm using your component, but I would like only three simple button share (fb, tweet, ln) in some article in the website, so i have created a widget to insert on the bottom in the article- All is ok but the image in the article does not appear on fb. And sometime there is instead a white square. any suggest?