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  1. You can assign static value for the image so it remain fixed.
  2. The 500 error is usually either due to SEF URLs going in a loop or sometimes to server security settings.
  3. You'll need to create a View's block display of Article Order that you place on the front page. You can then add a sort criteria based on the Weight field that you've created.
  4. Try these steps it will help you to add module positions Open the index.php file of the Template you wish to edit Locate the place in the Template where you wish to put the new position. Insert <jdoc:include type="modules" name="newposition" /> The variable can be used (between existing tags) to replace an image by replacing the <img src="xxx" border="0" alt="">. Or By creating a new tag with its own class/id. Open the Template's TemplateDetails.xml file and locate the <positions></positions> Start and end tags Then add <position>newposition</position>
  5. Since joomla 1.6 there is a folder called overrides in the language folder (not in templates!). within this folder is a file called en-GB.override.ini. you can place your language-overrides in there (for english) and create one file for each language you need (e.g. fr-FR.override.ini). You can also read this tutorial for more exact solution.